Get the WHOLE American River Rafting Experience! 

with River Runners, a quality focused California whitewater rafting company

Rafting the American River with River Runners will rekindle your love of the great outdoors...

If you are looking for an authentic, fun and high quality experience to share with family, friends and colleagues then whitewater rafting the American river with River Runners  is for you. River Runners is the real deal; down to earth and professional river guides, fresh healthy meals and white water river trips that seriously make other people wonder why our guests look so happy on the river.

River Runners is run by locals and staffed by locals, some even grew up rafting on the American Rivers, they all know and love the American Rivers intimately and can't wait to share them with you. Everything about a rafting trip with River Runners hits the spot; the ease of being with fun and professional guides, the way we value the quality of your experience, the fun and exciting rapids and the way we help you enjoy the simple but satisfying pleasure of being out in nature.

As one of our fans said recently "At River Runners your guides create an experience in two days that most people can only get on a 14 day trip on the Grand Canyon".  


A truly amazing outdoor experience! Our day with River Runners was more than a rafting trip, it was a connection with nature, the river and truly wonderful people; our guides John and Sarah.

We paddled, swam, learned about river history, heard old family stories, picked amazing berries, laughed, leaped and made life long memories. Thank you!
— Jason B - 08/09/2016

Rafting California 

River Runners offers high quality whitewater rafting trips and vacations on the American Rivers and the Kaweah River


Raft the South Fork of the American River - Northern California

2 Day/2 Night -All Inclusive Whitewater Rafting Trip (Class III)

The Gorge and Chili Bar Sections

Relax, unwind and unplug with River Runners' premier two day whitewater rafting adventure on the South Fork of the American River. Raft the best rapids the American River has to offer and relax between the rapids as you drift in the currents in the beautiful scenery of the Sierra Nevada foothills. Two days/Two night trips with River Runners INCLUDES camping at the lovely and green Camp Lotus, five meals prepared with love and fresh ingredients,  a campfire, smores and so much more!  

Raft the South Fork of the American River - Northern California

All Inclusive One Day Whitewater Rafting Trip (Class III)

The Gorge

This is class 3 California rafting at its best! You will love the river...all rivers after rafting the Gorge. This magical day begins gently and ends with a bang, giving you time to relax and experience the excitement of the South Fork of the American all in one day. This is a full day trip and is suitable for many different excitement levels. 


Whitewater Rafting American River - Northern California

All Inclusive One Day Whitewater Rafting Trip (Class III)

Chili Bar

Early in the morning the sun will be creeping down the steep canyon walls as you begin your descent from Chili Bar to Coloma. Beautiful, historical and exciting, this adventure introduces you to the fun and beauty of whitewater rafting. This is a slightly shorter trip than the gorge and is suitable for many different excitement levels. 


Raft the North Fork of the American River - Northern California

All Inclusive One Day Whitewater Rafting Trip (Class IV)

The North Fork of the American - Chamberlain Falls run is a full day rafting trip on a stunning undammed section of river. The river flows freely through many miles of wilderness before it meets you at the put in. The flow changes every day; sometimes the river is a muddy frothy beast throwing the raft like useless flotsam down toward the sea; other days, the crystal clear waters meander rapidly through a seemingly endless obstacle course. 


Raft the Middle Fork of the American River - Northern California

All Inclusive One Day Whitewater Rafting Trip (Class IV)

Welcome to an incomparably stunning and thrilling full day experience. It is a perfect marriage of adrenaline, scenery, and togetherness. Be prepared to be overwhelmed. Be prepared to escape. The modern world is distant. Thoughts of your daily life will disappear thanks to the shear onslaught to your senses. here are many miles of verdant hills and the beautiful silence that a river canyon can offer. There are side creeks to hike. in July, there are more organic blackberries than an army of winter-starved bears could eat. And in August, there are native Californian grapes drooping over the the riverways and only accessible by raft.  


Raft the Kaweah River, Three Rivers - Southern California

All Inclusive One Day Whitewater Rafting Trip (Class IV+)

Nestled close to Los Angeles is the steepest river in the Sierra Nevada mountains. Cold clear water sweeps the adventurous paddler out toward the central valley. Look over your shoulder and you will see 13,000 foot peaks covered in snow and giant Sequoia trees. Look downstream and you will see lots of whitewater. There is current from beginning to end. Big rapids are everywhere. Rocks are everywhere. Trees reach out into the widest of river channels. The river course changes every wet season. Only a well-seasoned guide can feel comfortable in this environment. And the guests lucky enough to be in their raft.


One day rafting trips can be combined to create multi-day rafting trips depending on availability. Trips range from $95 - $310,  call 530 622 5110 to discuss your needs.

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