What to Bring on your Rafting Trip...


On River

HOT WEATHER: On a summer trip in July/August where temperatures are hovering in the 100s, comfort and protection from the sun is paramount. If you are going to work on your tan and you hop in the raft with just your bikini or swim shorts chances are high that you will be burned to a crisp! Bring something with you on the raft like a long sleeved cotton shirt, if you are really fair and concerned about getting sunburn you can bring a pair of leggings too. That way if you feel like you are turning into a lobster you can cover up. 

COLD WEATHER: When cotton gets wet it stays wet and cold and can make you  freeze on a cold day. If cold weather is predicted synthetic or wool is the way to go!  Fleece or wool sweaters are a great way to stay warm as are wool socks. We will advise you if a wet suit is necessary for your trip.

SHOES: The best shoes are old running shoes or canvas lace ups like converse that you don't mind getting wet. They stay on your feet and protect you from sharp, hot rocks when you get out of the boat. Those cheap elastic water shoes and flip flops generally end up floating down the river like poor lost souls. 

Bring a hat and some sunglasses! 

In Camp

Bring a towel and freshen up with a shower after the river. Slip into to some comfy clothes but be sure to bring a sweater as the mornings can be chilly by the river even in summer.

What TO Bring on the River

Each boat will be equipped with a small mesh bag for you to put things like sun block, lip balm and a shirt for sun protection. This bag is not waterproof! If you would like to bring a camera it should be completely waterproof and have a strap for securing it to your life vest. If you need to bring medications or feminine hygiene products let your guide know so that they can store them in a water resistant container.

What NOT to Bring on the River

Go on a technology detox and leave the iphone back at camp...you will thank us later!

Do not bring anything you would be sad to lose like; wedding rings, cash and jewelry. 

Alcohol! Yes...we mean it! We don't want to rain on your parade but it is not legal for commercial rafting outfitters to have alcoholic beverages on the rafts. That beer will taste even better at the end of the day!

Camping Equipment

If you purchased a two day adventure with River Runners you will be provided with a tent per two people.

You will need to bring a pillow, sleeping bag and a sleeping pad.

If there are some food items or drinks you need to bring because you just can't live without them make sure to bring them in a cooler to keep them cold and to keep the critters out.  

Mosquitoes are usually only a nuisance for about an hour before the sun goes down so bring some repellent if you think it will make you more comfortable.

Nervous? Bring a Little Courage and Trust!

Whitewater rafting is an inherently dangerous activity. That is partly what makes it so exciting. Thousands of people go rafting on the South Fork every year and very few injuries are reported. If you are nervous don't be afraid to let your guide know. River Runners guides are professionals and they know how to tailor the boating experience to help nervous guests feel at ease in the river environment. Listen to your guide and trust that they know what they are doing. They want you to have a good time and to make the most of your adventure.

Guide Gratuity

If you have a fun and safe river experience and feel that your guide did an outstanding job you are welcome to show your appreciation by giving them a tip. 




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