Whitewater rafting trips and inflatable kayak trips for Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, and Venture Scouts

Hey all you adventurous Scouts! Come enjoy the great outdoors with us. Get away from your smart phone and out into nature. Come get some Facetime with the river. Let us introduce you to our friends list: beaver, otter, eagle, goose, merganser, willow, and alder. Let the birds give you something to tweet about.

We know Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts are looking for more than just the average whitewater adventure. You want to participate, and we can get you involved. You seek an opportunity to learn leadership. You seek education in the wilderness. You seek practical skills and a beautiful place to learn them. We have that venue for you.

River Runners is located in Lotus, California and we offer a variety of river trips for Scouts on the South Fork of the American River.

Boy Scouts Whitewater Merit badge and Kayaking Merit Badge Two Day/Two Night Adventure

Girl Scout and Venture Scout Educational Two Day/Two Night Adventure

If you want to earn the Boy Scouts Whitewater Merit Badge and the Kayaking Merit Badge, you will need to sign up for a 2-day river trip. This  program is also well suited for Girl Scouts and Venture Scouts.

This trip has an educational focus. The first day is a mini guide school and is a fully immersive experience (pun intended). Our guides will take your Scout troop out onto the Gorge section of South Fork of the American River and teach them some of the skills we use daily to safely enjoy the river environment. This part of the trip is fully navigated by a guide and involves rafting in class II and III rapids. It is a lot of fun! River navigation techniques and theories will be taught to the degree needed to fulfill the BSA Whitewater Merit Badge requirements. You can see those requirements here

Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.
— Albert Einstein

On the second day, we bring you even closer to the whitewater experience. You will control your own craft as you ride Class I and II rapids. Scouts will float in one and two person inflatable kayaks (we often call them duckies). Your guides will float with you in their own crafts and will instruct you on how to use your craft. You will then be given the opportunity to demonstrate the skills needed to fulfill the Kayaking Merit Badge. You can see those requirements here. River Runners provides a supportive environment for your Scouts and our guides will exemplify the traits necessary to be a successful outdoor leader! 

But it wont all be education and your Scouts will also have time to play in the river, jump off rocks if they want to, skip rocks and just experience the simple joy of being on the river.

Because the focus of the trip is on whitewater education and outdoor leadership, we take care of all the camping and meals for you! We provide tents, meals, firewood and smores. We serve plentiful and healthy meals with beverages and desert too and don't worry we know when to say "no more sweets!". You can see our menu here.  Our Camp is right on the South Fork of the American River, it is green and grassy and has flush toilets and showers.

More information including an itinerary for the two-day trip  and a full list of what we provide can be found here.

3 Day/3 Night trips are also available, contact us if you would like to build a custom trip.

CALL OR E-MAIL  RIVER RUNNERS TO DISCUSS THE NEEDS OF YOUR SCOUTS  530 622 5110 or adventures@riverrunnersusa.com.

Scout Adventures without the Merit Badge/Educational Component:

If you are just looking to get out with your troop and enjoy a rafting experience, we can do that. Sign up for a one day trip or a two day trip and we will introduce you to our neck of the woods. Every trip starts with a river safety orientation and gearing up, and then it’s into the rafts and down the river we go. It’s challenge by choice out there. We will give you the opportunity to swim rapids, jump off of rocks, and skip stones. At some point we will eat a fresh and healthy lunch. With any luck, we will see some wildlife and if the season is right, there are loads of blackberries and wild grapes to eat. There’s a good chance your guide knows a fair bit about the local flora and fauna, and maybe even the wealth of history on the river corridor. All in a good day’s rafting.

Learn more about the One Day trip here.

Learn more about the Two Day trip here.

CALL OR E-MAIL  RIVER RUNNERS TO DISCUSS THE NEEDS OF YOUR SCOUTS  530 622 5110 or adventures@riverrunnersusa.com.