The Best Whitewater Rafting near Los Angeles, California

River Runners was started back in the early '70s by a group of people that drove the 7 hours from Los Angeles to Lotus, CA to go rafting and fell in love with the river and the excitement of whitewater rafting. 

To this day most River Runners guests drive up from LA and the surrounding areas to get a taste of the refreshingly cool river and the rejuvenating relaxed pace of life in Lotus.   River Runners is an escape from the hectic pace of life in the city. In camp you can put your feet up and relax with a cold drink whilst your guides prepare you a delicious meal after a full day of rafting. This is no ordinary camp fare with paper plates and hot dogs! At River Runners we believe a good meal can only be made with good quality, fresh ingredients served on real plates. 

On the river we have the same ethic. A good rafting trip begins at the very moment we make your booking and continues as you plow through the fun and refreshing rapids on the American River. 

Other companies on the South Fork push you down the river fast. At River Runners we respect the effort you have made to get here. We appreciate that you don't need to feel rushed on your vacation. That is why at River Runners we take our time on the river, swim, jump off rocks and give you the best whitewater rafting experience you can get! 

River Runners two day/two night trips are perfect for groups making the trip from LA.