Kaweah River Rafting Trip

Class IV+

Available Late March through May

Nestled close to Southern California is the steepest river in the Sierra Nevada mountains. Cold clear water sweeps the adventurous paddler out toward the central valley. Look over your shoulder and you will see 13,000 foot peaks covered in snow and giant Sequoia trees. Look downstream and you will see lots of whitewater. There is current from beginning to end. Big rapids are everywhere. Rocks are everywhere. Trees reach out into the widest of river channels. The river course changes every wet season. Only a well-seasoned guide can feel comfortable in this environment. And the guests lucky enough to be in their raft.

If you are looking for the opportunity to paddle really hard and get your heart rate up then this is for you. Rapids like Osterizer, Bumper, Hammer, Powerhouse, Cyanotic, Suicide Falls, Slickies, the Devil’s Eyeball, Tuber’s Religion, Golf Course, and Holiday are ready to welcome you with a wet embrace. Stay in the raft and enjoy the ride, or fall out and get to know them better.

Some things we really like about the Kaweah: endless places to surf the raft; eating lunch on at a restaurant next to the river; the variety of houses built on the riverside; the excess of rapids with cool names; crystal clear water and hot days.

The Kaweah is really close to Sequoia National Park. If you are looking for something to do along with your river adventure, the park offers many natural attractions. We meet our guests in the town of Three Rivers, a roadside community with lots of places to stay and modern amenities. You can come to town to raft just for the day, or plan an adventure vacation in the area.

Kaweah River trips are offered as soon as there is enough snow melting to create the river itself. The season generally starts in April, and ends by early June. May is mostly guaranteed.

Minimum age: 15-years-old

Please call 530 622 5110 or e-mail adventures@riverrunnersusa.com to confirm availability for the dates you would like to go.

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  • It may be necessary for you to rent a wet suit from a local supplier that we will arrange for you. This price does not include wetsuit rental.

Price is per person. Guide gratuity not included.