Cancellation Policy

When you book a trip with River Runners we are making a commitment to provide you with a quality rafting adventure.  River Runners will only cancel or re-schedule your trip if we believe river conditions are unsafe.

Space on a rafting trip is limited so booking a rafting trip requires commitment from you too. Once you reserve a date we begin to exclude other River Runners guests from booking on that date and we put the wheels in motion to make your adventure happen.

  • Payment for your trip is due at the time you make your booking. If you do arrange a deposit due to personal circumstances, that deposit is non-refundable and not eligible for trip credit.

If you cancel you will receive trip credit based on the following schedule;

  • If you cancel at least 90 days before your trip: 100% credit.

  • At least 60 days before: 75% credit.

  • At least 30 days before: 50% credit.

  • At least 10 days before: 25% credit

  • Less than 10 days before: 0% credit

  • If a group or individual is 30 minutes or more late for their trip, the trip will be canceled with no refund or credit