White Water Rafting in Northern California

There is no better way to experience the beauty of Northern California than by rafting one of its beautiful rivers. 

The most popular Northern Californian river to raft is the South Fork of the American River (Class III). The South Fork of the American River has it all, beautiful scenery, exciting rapids and being that it was the center of the California Gold Rush also has a lot of points of historical interest. The South Fork of the American River is the perfect trip for a group with mixed desires, the river is playful and fun so you can get wild or keep it mellow out there.   The best way to experience the South Fork of the American River is a two day/two night rafting adventure with River Runners. River Runners really gives you the time to relax and enjoy the lazy parts of the river and then expertly guides you through the exciting rapids. Two Day trips with River Runners on the South Fork of the American River give you that taste of the wilderness and  that feeling of unplugging from the modern world without ever having to leave modern conveniences behind. Just want a one day excursion? Check out the Gorge or Chili Bar. Close to so many Northern California population centers like Sacramento, yet so far away from the bustle of city life. 


Northern California Whitewater Rafting on the North Fork of the American River with River Runners


The American River has three forks; the North Fork, the Middle Fork and the South Fork. River Runners does trips on all three.

The Middle Fork of the American River (Class IV) winds down through forest lands. Big rapids and stunning scenery this trip never disappoints. Can be done as a one day trip or combined with a South Fork One Day to create a custom two-day trip.


The North Fork of the American River (Class IV) is an undammed river and relies on spring snow melt for boatable levels. Crystal clear water, technical and exhilarating rapids this run is great for adrenaline seekers out there that can also appreciate the beauty that is Northern California's river canyons.