How to Choose YOUR California Whitewater Rafting Trip

The South Fork of the American River (Class III)

Classic California whitewater trip perfect for;

Families, friends, colleagues, team building groups, school groups, church groups, bachelor/ette parties, wedding parties, athletic clubs and Scout and Guide groups.

If you have never been whitewater river rafting in California before or even if you have, we can't recommend the South Fork of the American River enough.  The South Fork of the American River is fun, relaxing and exciting all at the same time. Perfect for beginners and experienced rafters alike. There is a reason it is the most popular California whitewater rafting trip. 

One of the great things about the River Runners' American River trip is that it can be tailored to suit your needs and desires. We value your experience and always seek to give you the trip you are looking for. The South Fork of the American has a lot to offer because it is a playful river. More timid rafters can ask their guide to take it a little easier and thrill seekers can ask their guide to go big. It is often the case that the needs of your group is mixed. A boat will typically fit up to seven guests and if some of your group want to take it easy and some want more excitement, River Runners guides are experts at negotiating the varied needs of your group. River Runners is unique on the American River because we take our time which means thrill seekers can swim rapids, jump off rocks and take a surf without the more timid members of your group having to participate in those activities.

The South Fork of the American River showcases everything Californian rivers have to offer. River Runners whitewater trips on the American River are perfect for many different groups and occasions.

Minimum age is 6 years old. 

River Runners specialty is an all inclusive 2 day/2 night rafting trip, with two days of rafting, tents,  two nights of camping and 5 delicious fresh meals. At River Runners we even build you a campfire and serve smores! A really great experience that helps you kick back, relax and enjoy the great outdoors. 

Are you just passing through and just want to get a taste of the river on a one day trip? River Runners delivers one day trips that make you feel like you are lost in the wilderness. Check out the Gorge and Chili Bar packages. The Gorge has a later start time and is a longer day trip where as the Chili Bar trip has an early start time and is a shorter day trip. Both are class III sections. Lunch is always included. 


Want to know more about what the numbered classifications mean? 

Class IV California Whitewater River Rafting Experiences 

The following are all one day trips. The North Fork of the American and the Middle Fork of the American can both be combined with a one day South Fork of the American River to create a custom 2 Day/2 night River Trip. 

Perfect for;

Athletic Families, friends, colleagues, team building groups, bachelor/ette parties and athletic clubs. 

If you are looking to get your heart pumping in some big rapids than these trips are for you. These trips are perfect for people who are in good health and are looking to experience the strange serenity of class IV boating. These rivers are less playful than the South Fork and usually a little colder so there is less swimming and playing and the focus in most cases is on the whitewater. All these rivers just like the South Fork of the American show of California's beauty and the classic rafting that its rivers provide. All River Runners One Day trips include lunch.

Southern California Whitewater Rafting

Close to Los Angeles, California:

Kaweah River (minimum age 15)

The Kaweah River is one of our favorite Class IV+ whitewater rafting trips.  It is ten miles of non-stop whitewater. Look over your shoulder and you will see the Sierra Nevada mountains towering over you from Sequoia National Park. The Kaweah River is the steepest river in California. The Kaweah is unique as the section flows through the town of Three Rivers so feels like wilderness and park all at the same time. You will pull over at a sandwich shop where we serve you lunch whilst all the other patrons ask you about your adventures. The Kaweah River is fun exciting and social! It is also close to Los Angeles.

Northern California Whitewater Rafting

Coloma, California: 

The North Fork of the American River (minimum age 14)

Winding down out of miles of wilderness the North Fork of the American River is beautiful and exhilarating. Beautiful rock and clear water frame the entire day as you slide down creek like rapids congested with boulders. This river takes some serious paddling and serious manuevers from your guide. The North Fork of the American River is undammed so each years snow pack will determine the length of the river rafting season. This year (2017) Northern California has been hit hard over winter so the North Fork of the American season will go into July.


Middle Fork of the American River (minimum age 12)

Coming out of Oxbow Reservoir the Middle Fork of the American River winds down a pine and oak covered canyon. There are a few big rapids on this run, but mostly the run is 16 miles of stunning Northern Californian scenery.