American River Rafting Day Trip

Middle Fork of the American River (Class IV)


wilderness on the middle fork

Welcome to an incomparably stunning and thrilling full day experience. It is a perfect marriage of adrenaline, scenery, and togetherness. Be prepared to be overwhelmed. Be prepared to escape. The modern world is distant. Thoughts of your daily life will disappear thanks to the shear onslaught to your senses. 

Everyone talks about the rapids here. And that's because there's a lot to talk about. It's class III out of the gate, with no time to get synced in the raft. You're guide will be like, this is how you hold your paddle, this is how you stay in the boat, don't quit paddling even when the bushes try to knock you down and that cold cold water slaps you in the face. Then, it's out onto the surging current and into Good Morning. Thirty minutes into the trip, you will encounter Tunnelshoot. Everyone talks about Tunnelshoot. And with good reason. It is a man made chute. It falls 30 feet in 300 (which is a lot in the rafting world!) It starts with a river-wide hydraulic to keep you honest, follows with a zig and a zag into a steep walled cut in the bedrock, and finishes with a 10 foot slide into calmer waters and a 300 foot tunnel. It exciting. We're excited just writing about it.

There are many more rapids. There is a rapid called Kanaka Falls, one called Chunder, one called Cleavage, and even one called Texas Chainsaw Mamma Meets The 101'st Air Brigade (please don't fall out here). Oh, and there is a 25 foot waterfall your guides will have to heroically deal with while you enjoy the show.

There are many miles of verdant hills and the beautiful silence that a river canyon can offer. There are side creeks to hike. in July, there are more organic blackberries than an army of winter-starved bears could eat. And in August, there are native Californian grapes drooping over the the riverways and only accessible by raft.

Speaking of food, we will eat lunch on a beach somewhere. It will be you, a sandwich, some warm sand to slip your toes into, and maybe a lizard hoping to help you finish your meal. It's a good opportunity to skip rocks, take a swim and have a meaningful conversation.

Minimum age: 13

Check in: Around 8am in Auburn, CA.

Check out: Around 5pm in Auburn, CA. 

Please call 530 622 5110 or e-mail to confirm availability for the dates you would like to go.


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