Into the Wild - Two Days with River Runners

When you go whitewater rafting with River Runners it kind of feels like you are part of a secret society. If you have been rafting with us before you may have noticed other companies' guides call out 'yeah River Runners!' as they pass us playing in the river somewhere. River Runners has quite a reputation around Coloma because of our playful ways. What you may not know is that we have a list of guides as long as our guide paddles who want to work with us. A guide who used to work for another company on the South Fork of the American River said recently that she used to float by us and feel so jealous of the freedom the guides and guests had to enjoy the river. She now works as a guide on the Grand Canyon on a trip that takes two weeks, and she added that, River Runners manages to give their customers the experience of a long multi-day trip like that in just a couple of days. 

It's really about freedom. It's about being able to relax, play and swim. It's about being able to spend quality time in nature with your friends and family. It's about having guides that care. 

As we head into the 2017 rafting season, River Runners is focused on expanding the two-day trip so that you can get the most out of your experience. Last year our guests began to make all sorts of variations to their trip and this year we want to make sure you all know that you can customize your rafting vacation in many different ways. 

Options include adding an arrival night dinner to your trip so that your group can all eat together in camp when you arrive. Or maybe you would like to add a third night of camping and dinner to extend your trip and enjoy another evening by the campfire. Two of our regulars last year had such a great time that they even stayed and did a third day of rafting. River Runners is also offering yoga classes that can be booked as part of your package. And don't forget that you can do two-day trips on weekdays too, weekdays are often a lot quieter on the river and make for a much more wilderness like experience. 

So get creative and run it by us, we want you to get the best experience that you can! 

Things are getting rolling here at River Runners, the sun is shining and the river has that snow melt blue sheen to it. We can't wait for the 2017 season to begin. 

-The Guides