Love each other, have fun, go rafting!

I’ve been a professional river guide for 40 years and would like to share a few notions.

 River guiding is a community event. The degree that the guides cooperate determines the amount of enjoyment on a river trip. I’d like to thank all the river guides whom I’ve had the pleasure to work with over the years; too many to name. We’ve invented new ways, taken risks, laughed, cried, and most importantly supported one another. We’ve been intentional about enjoying our work so that enjoyment radiates out to our guests. Our present crew is carrying on the River Runners tradition of having fun by working well, together.

All guests who choose River Runners have something in common ~ they’re on a river vacation and want to have fun! Because our guests are on vacation we look for their positive attributes to shine forth. Thanks to the thousands of river runners whom I’ve had the pleasure to raft with. We’ve splashed through rapids, floated in and out of the boat, practiced being brave, been hood ornaments, trusted each other, have eaten lots of good food and together, have created great vacations.

The South Fork of the American River offers 21 miles of river running. In all, there are around 3 miles of rapids. What I love about River Runners is that we know how to prepare our crews so that we can hit those rapids with gusto. What’s special about River Runners, and unlike any other outfitter, is what we do in between those rapids. We lounge on the boat and on the shore, swim and float in long stretches of river, jump off rocks, circulate in never ending eddies, explore tunnels, pot holes, plants, animals and water slides. We generally do a lot of frolicking. In doing so, we become one with the natural environment around us, and realize our place in harmony.

Love each other, have fun, go rafting!
Joe Tassinari

Joe T also spends his time helping 'co-workers generate positive engagement and increased productivity by evolving into the effective team they were hired to be' through his Strengths-Based Employee Training at Business Works.