Why rafting with River Runners is so different...

Over the course of this past amazing summer I have given a lot of thought to what sets River Runners apart on the South Fork of the American River. It is not just all the extra curricular activities we do, like swimming, jumping off of rocks and stopping to skip rocks and pick berries, it is also how much we care about you.

Every River Runners guide authentically cares about the quality of your experience. We know it is the little things that matter, like your guide knowing your name or all the guides knowing your name. It is things like your guide being able to have an intelligent conversation one moment and crack a joke the next. It is things like watching your child fall in love with being in nature because your guide is trying so hard to make it happen.

It is simple but important things like having good fresh ingredients and freshly prepared meals . We buy good coffee that we like to drink, because we figure some of you like to drink good coffee too! We make our pancakes from scratch with real butter and sugar.  We read ingredients lists when we purchase breads and such because we know that like us, you probably care about where your food comes from and what's in it. We even serve your meals in camp on real plates and give you real silverware. Yeah the guides do all those dishes after a long river day because they know it makes our already awesome dinner just that much better and of course it also prevents a lot of paper plates ending up in landfill!

River Runners is not a machine that sends people down the river. River Runners is a community of people that strives for excellence in providing whitewater rafting trips. We give you the time to relax, adapt to your new environment and get everything you want out of your rafting trip. We go out of our way to make your rafting trip on the South Fork of the American River, unique, unforgettable and priceless.

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