Full River Rafting Trip (Class III+ - IV)

South Fork of the American River 

American River Scenery

See the rapids on the South Fork  as you have not seen them before, well at least since 2011! 

We had a great winter this year so we are celebrating by offering a special deal on the full river trip this spring. 

Meet at Camp Lotus in the morning and we will drive you up to Chili Bar to put the raft in.  9 miles will pass like the bat of an eyelid and Meatgrinder rapid and Troublemaker rapids will leave you pumped full of adrenaline and ready for lunch. Stop for a hamburger lunch at Camp Lotus and continue on your way. You have a few miles where the rapids calm down so you can digest and relax a bit before you hit the big ones again. Raft through some epic whitewater rapids in the Gorge; Satan's Cesspool rapid and Fowlers Rock Rapid will give you an afternoon wake up cool better than Starbucks.  Hit shore in Folsom Lake and pat yourself on the back. You made it! 

Flows will really vary as the snow melts over the spring so if you are looking for a specific feel of the trip, really high or not too high adrenaline for example give us a call and we will help you figure out the best time to go. 

  • Lunch is included
  • Parking and use fees at Camp Lotus are included
  • All government fees are included
  • Tax is included

Price is per person. Guide gratuity not included.  

Wetsuits may be required. You are welcome to bring your own or we will organize a rental for you that will be delivered by a third party when you arrive to meet us. Wetsuit rental is $15-$20 per person. 

Minimum age, maximum age and health/fitness requirements will vary based on the flows.

Call us if you have younger or older folks in your party and we can discuss your needs. 530-622-5110.

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