Pleasant Hill AA - Rafting Trip

Saturday July 6th 2019

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 What’s even better than being sober? Whitewater rafting while you are sober!!!

It’s lively out here. Come be happy joyous and free. Get in a raft with your sober friends and make some healthy memories. Challenge yourself to jump off rocks and swim rapids. Take pictures you can share. Enjoy the fresh air and cool water. Eat a big, healthy lunch with us and of course, raft some exciting rapids on the South Fork of the American River.

Share your experience, strength and hope in the intimacy of a raft. You may discover your raft guide has some time too. 

It can be hard to find clean and sober activities. Everywhere you go, alcohol is a social lubricant. It is often the center of the event. At River Runners we strive to be a place where health, adventure, friendship, and growth are the glue that binds people together. Our goal is to facilitate a life-changing experience for the Pleasant Hill trip. We provide a safe and spacious place and let nature do the rest. 

A lot of you will be camping out at Camp Lotus right next to River Runners campsite so it is just a leisurely stroll over to our campsite to meet, get suited up in river gear, have a safety orientation and then hit the river. 

The meeting time will be established at a later date. We are here to help! If you have any questions or concerns give us a call on 530 622 5110 or e-mail

  • Lunch is included

  • All government fees are included

  • Tax is included

Price is per person. Guide gratuity not included.