High Adventure White Water Rafting in California

Ride the Snow Melt This Spring, Class IV+ Rafting 

April through June 2017

White water rafting is exciting even when it is Class III. So stepping up to class IV+ rafting is something else, it's a rush, but not in the shallow  roller coaster way. There is something deeply satisfying about giving yourself over to the power of nature knowing that only the skill of your guide, the power of your paddle strokes and sometimes just luck will get you through the day without falling out of the boat. And sometimes even still, you may end up in the drink with your guide yelling at you to swim. 

The best time to raft class IV rivers in California  is in the spring as the snow from last winter melts and comes hurtling down the mountains. White water rafting the crystal clear waters of natural undammed rivers in California is a real privilege. Not only is rafting in the spring exciting but it also pleasantly green and beautiful.

Check out this season's spring white water rafting runs with River Runners. 

The North Fork of the American River (Class IV+)

(Near Sacramento/Bay Area) 

The North Fork of the American will be available from April through June.

The Kaweah River (Class IV+)

(3 hour drive from Los Angeles) 

The Kaweah River will be available from May through June.