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2019 - SOLD OUT

Come and enjoy California's most popular river in true River Runners style.

Take off your shoes. Shed your worries. Have some cold drinks. Gaze at the stars. Enjoy a camp fire. Make your kids a smore. Make yourself a smore. Go swimming. Go berry picking. Sit in the front of the raft and forget everything. Sit in the back of the raft and watch everyone else forget everything. Skip a rock. Skip a phone call, or five of them.

The South Fork of the American is our specialty. It's much more than river rafting. We are excited to show you all of the special places on the river. The places where you can drift in the currents. The places where the turtles rest. The places where a bird nests and a beaver gnaws. The places you can jump off of rocks. The places where you can stick your face out the front of the raft like a giant human hood ornament. 

 Starting in the beautiful Coloma Valley this full day adventure begins with a fun class 2 stretch before lunch giving  you time to relax, play, swim or experience adventurous antics depending on your tastes. Your guides will prepare a fresh deli style lunch that will leave you satisfied and ready for the adventure ahead. After lunch you will have time to digest before hitting the class 3 gorge. The gorge is an exciting and beautiful place where the river has carved through rock deep below the chaparral covered hill sides forming incredibly fun rapids. If you are lucky you may see a great blue heron, a bald eagle, deer and sometimes even mink, beaver and river otter. 


  • Check in at 9:00am on Saturday September 7th at the River Runners site in Camp Lotus, 5461 Bassi Road, Lotus California, 95651.

  • Safety orientation at 9:30am

  • Get river ready

  • Raft all day

  • Eat dinner at River Runners

  • Have a campfire

  • Sleep (one tent per two people provided)

  • Eat breakfast at 8am on Sunday

  • Check out after breakfast (before noon)

What is included

  • Lunch is included

  • One night of camping

  • Dinner, see our menu here.

  • Breakfast

  • Parking and use fees at Camp Lotus are included

  • All government fees are included

  • Tax is included

  • One tent to per two participants can be provided. You are welcome to bring your own tent but please bring one of a size reasonable for the amount of people that will be using it, as camping space is limited.

Price is per person. Guide gratuity not included.  

See what you need to bring HERE

Print and sign a waiver for your child HERE